The Industries Department was formed in the year 1910 to deal primarily with marketing of industrial products, dissemination of technical 'know-how' financial aid to industries and development of technical and industrial education in the State. In 1921 the work of arranging purchases of stores required for the use of Government departments was also assigned to it. The Department also used to deal with matters relating to industrial labour. A separate wing for prevention and settlement of industrial disputes and labour welfare was subsequently set up in this Department. It also handled the War Production and Supply related work during the last world war. With the progressive increase in the number of industries and in labour problem, the department was subsequently bifurcated in 1945 into two separate departments, viz. Industries Department and Labour Department, but both continued to remain working with the same Secretary to Government. This Position continued till 1959, until a separate post of Labour Secretary was created. On the setting up of the Organization of Textile Commissioner by the Government of India, a parallel organization of the Provincial Textile Controller was set up in the State in 1945 and added to this Department. Similarly, the organization of the Sugar Commissioner, U.P. was set up which was responsible for the regulation of sugar industry in the State and was added to the Department in 1952.

As the results of changes occurred from time to time, many departments & corporations emerged out of it. Presently different wings of Industries department are working under the umbrella of Infrastructure & Industrial Development Commissioner.

Snapshot History of Industries Department

1 1910 Created
2 1921 Assigned the work of arranging Purchase of Stores.
3 1937 Industrial disputes and Labour welfare section was set up.
4 1945 a. Industries Department        ( same Secy in Govt. upto 1959 )
b. Labour  Department
5 1945 Provincial Textile Controller was setup and added to this dept.
6 1948 Govt. Cement Factory churk/Dola.
7 1950 Precision Instrument factory at Lucknow. 1960 - Vibhuti glass factory VNS was taken on lease for 20 years.
8 1952 Sugar commissioner UP added to this dept.
9 1953 Directorate of Fruit Utilization was setup & added to this dept       Transferred to Agriculture dept in 12/1964.
10 1956 DIO offices were established.
11 1956 Separate Dept of Tech Education was created the Jan.
12 1958 Heavy Industries section was created.
13 1958 Decentralization was done of Zonal/ sub Zonal officers.
14 1962-63 In 13 Districts RIP Projects were started.
15 1969 Provincial Iron and steel controller was separated.
16 1978-79 DICs were Created.
17 1980 Udyog Bandhu came into existence.
18 1994 UPTPA was Established.
19 1999-2000 Export Promotion Bureau has been Established.

Establishment of Different Corporations and Authorities

1 1952 UPICA (U.P. Industrial Cooperative Association )
2 1954 UPFC was established
3 1958 UPSIC  was established 
4 1961 UPSIDC  came in picture
5 1966 UPEC was established
6 1972 PICUP  was established
7 1974 UPICO (UP Industrial Consultant)
8 1974 U.P. Electronic Corporation. 1985- Hiltran (UP Electronic Corporation)
9 1976 Noida was established
10 1981 BIDA was established
11 1986

IED (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development) established

12 1989 GIDA was established
13 1989 SIDA was established
14 1991 Greater Noida was established

Different Directorates Corporations were established

  • 1858 – Printing & Stationary Organization
  • 1955 - Directorate of Geology & Mining
  • 1973 - Directorate of Handloom
  • 1973 - UPHL Corporation was created